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Our testing solutions are designed to be the most reliable and flexible in the industry. That’s why some of the most prestigious organisations depend on us:

 DSA (Driving Standards Agency) - case study  Transport
 RCGP (Royal College of General Practitioners)     Health and Medicine
 RCVS ( Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons)  Health and Medicine
 ifs School of Finance - case study  Financial Services
 BCS (British Computer Society)                 Information Technology
 Cisco  Information Technology
 Nokia Solutions and Networks  Information Technology
 LNAT  University Admissions
 UKCAT - case study  University Admissions

As a full service testing company, Pearson VUE offers a large portfolio of technology solutions and services to help you design, develop, promote and manage all aspects of your testing program.

Whether you are making the leap from paper–and–pencil administration to computer–based delivery, launching a new certification, or transitioning your program from another test delivery provider, we understand how important your testing programme is to the success of your entire organisation.

Pearson VUE has an unsurpassed track record of valid, accurate test development, leading to flawless exam delivery. Click here to view some of our case studies

Test Centre Network:
With over 5,200 test centres arouond the world, Pearson VUE offers one of the most expansive test centre networks in the industry.

In the UK, our dedicated Pearson Professional Centres (PPCs) are located in 151 high street locations, ensuring that over 80% of the UK population is no more than 20 miles from a PPC.

PVTCs and PVTC Selects are independently-owned third party test centres that go through a rigorous process of selection and are approved to deliver Pearson VUE exams using Pearson VUE software. They compliment the Pearson Professional Centre network giving excellent global reach for our clients.

Worldwide, we deliver more than 4 million tests per year through our network.

Pearson Professional Centres (PPC)
Our dedicated test centres are available for delivering high-stakes exams. Their patented security layout and registration procedures provide the highest levels of service, security and consistency.

Our network of Pearson Professional Centres is fully controlled and staffed by Pearson VUE. It therefore offers the flexibility and scalability required to quickly address changing demands. Opening times and schedules can be adjusted without relying on third party providers such as schools or colleges.

As all the PPC centres are furnished to the same standard and built to the virtually the same layout, the testing environment for the candidate becomes standardised between centres. This means the testing experience between a candidate sitting in one test centre, is virtually identical to that of a candidate sitting in another.

Click here to see screenshots of one of the Pearson Professional Centres (1 Mb)

Pearson VUE® Authorised Test Centres (PVTC)
Prior to testing, Pearson VUE Authorised Test Centres must sign a pre-arranged agreement, meet hardware and security requirements and provide a certified test administrator. In addition to this, Pearson VUE performs on-going quality control measures to ensure programme integrity.

We also provide a secure and invigilated environment, with one invigilator for every 15 candidates, ensuring line-of-sight, as well as CCTV and biometric testing when signing in to take the exam (where required).

Pearson VUE® Authorised Test Centre Selects (PVTC Select)
These are independently-owned Pearson VUE Authorised Centres that have been carefully selected for their quality, service and amenities, which is upgraded to incorporate advanced security and surveillance technology. Customers that place high value on the Pearson Professional Centres network, yet require broader coverage, may choose a combination of Pearson Professional Centres and Pearson VUE Authorised Test Centre Selects.

With CCTV and identity capture (where required), as well as one invigilator for every 15 candidates, our network of PVTCs provides a secure and invigilated environment.

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