Secure Testing Framework

A framework to secure your content and protect your programme

Test security issues are a multi-dimensional problem, which continues to evolve and become more complex as technology advances.

Cheating ... proxy testing ... item harvesting. Because the techniques and technologies to deceive are complex and evolving, Pearson VUE is constantly developing ways to deter, identify and respond to testing misconduct. In order to effectively mitigate the increasing variety of test security threats, Pearson VUE is transforming the way test security is viewed, integrated and managed. At its core, the new Secure Testing Framework™ aligns a programme’s security plan with the organisation’s business strategies.

Our holistic approach to test security

Applying security processes or technology to disparate parts of the testing process can leave test owners vulnerable to attack by fraudsters. To be most effective, test security should be integrated into every strategic plan and activity related to the exam. Pearson VUE’s holistic approach includes multiple layers of test security to protect test owners from the threats already impacting their programs daily.

The Secure Testing Framework

The Secure Testing Framework allows test owners to identify the best combination of mitigation techniques. Click on sections below to see how Pearson VUE integrates security into the entire testing process.

A test security strategy must be three dimensional from a test, candidate and delivery perspective. To be effective, test owners must implement the appropriate risk management disciplines and a test security plan that align with their overall business strategy.

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