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Computer-based testing in Kenya

You’ve likely read about the growing skills gap in Kenya, which could lead to inflated foreign labour costs and the need to align education and training needs to changing global standards1.

Despite these challenges, there’s ample opportunity for mitigating the skills gap, starting with computer-based testing (CBT). Computer-based testing, also known as e-testing or e-assessment in Kenya, isn’t just programming a traditional paper and pencil exam into the computer.

Instead, CBT introduces complete end-to-end assessment services to develop, manage, deliver, and grow your assessment programme. What’s more, CBT introduces efficiencies, which reduce overheads for assessment owners, helping you realise the potential of your candidates while offering them a greater chance of success in contributing to Kenya’s economy as certified professionals.

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The move to CBT enabled us to run exams off-shore and benefit from more robust security measures. It proved an efficient process and caused no disruption to our operations or candidates.

Susan Buick

Programme Director, Examinations Development & Risk Management at the Australian Medical Council

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