Technology and support

Advanced registration and scheduling system

The Pearson VUE system utilises the speed, reliability and cost-effectiveness of the Internet to register candidates, download exams and transmit results with a press of a button. The advanced registration and scheduling system allows you to efficiently manage your testing centre hours and staff resources while providing candidates with scheduling flexibility.

Highly secure test environments

Pearson VUE’s advanced security measures ensure that the correct candidate takes the test, and all candidates test in a controlled and secure environment.

Enhanced Security Protocol kit

Authorised test centres must purchase and install an Enhanced Security Protocol kit, which includes digital cameras, signature pad and other security-related equipment and information. You may purchase this kit from Pearson VUE or through another vendor that meets the specifications provided.

Support for authorised test centres

24/7 support lessens your worry

Pearson VUE provides exceptional customer service. The friendly and knowledgeable Pearson VUE support services team is available 24/7 to help guide you through any issues that may arise.

VUE support websites

VUE Support System (VSS). As an authorised test centre, you will be granted access to the VUE Support System (VSS) website where you can check schedules, monitor a variety of activity reports and track a complete history of interactions with Pearson VUE prior to October 2016. It also houses a variety of support documents and marketing materials available for download.

ServiceDirect. You will also be granted access to ServiceDirect, our new cloud-based system for reporting candidate and test delivery issues. You access it through Connect, a web portal that provides test centre personnel with access to Pearson VUE applications.

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