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Online testing: What you need to know

Is your exam offered online? Find out

Considering taking your exam online?

Taking an exam with OnVUE, our online testing system, is flexible, convenient and easy. It’s also very different from in-person exams, with specific rules and requirements. If you think it’s the testing route you’d like to take, you’ll need to get familiar with the differences.

First, see if your programme offers online testing.

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Make sure it’s the right option for you.

Once you’ve confirmed you can test online, be sure it’s the right choice for your circumstances and environment. For example, taking your exam with OnVUE means you’ll need to:

Run a system test to ensure your computer and internet service are sufficient

Find a distraction-free space where you can take your exam

Consent to monitoring by human proctors and assistive AI tools throughout your test

Observe all the online exam requirements

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Made your decision? Get ready to go online.

Testing is stressful. That’s why, once you’ve decided to test online, it’s best to be extra-prepared. And that goes beyond studying for your exam — it also means knowing what to expect. To avoid surprises (and more stress!) on test day, do all you can to prepare in advance so you’ll have the best testing experience possible. Start here!

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Lean on someone who’s been there.

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