Testing outside a test centre

Your candidates can test anywhere ... and succeed everywhere

Pearson VUE is the only exam delivery partner capable of offering credential owners all of these choices within a single, streamlined system that produces a single, unified candidate record — regardless of exam type.

Need to deliver your test in a location where there is not a permanent test centre? We can solve that problem.

Pearson VUE Integrated Platform

Delivering exams outside a test centre is possible through the Pearson VUE Integrated Platform. Our integrated approach lets you choose where your exam is delivered, what type of device is used to administer your test, how an exam appointment is scheduled and the level of proctoring required.

Your exam, your location

It’s easier than ever to create your own long-term or temporary test centre. Deliver exams at a single-day corporate event or a week-long conference, or combine an in-house centre with your current training facility.

Security, scheduling and delivery management

The same flexible system that delivers your exam to multiple devices in a variety of venues also lets you determine the best way to schedule, proctor and manage administration.

Depending on the delivery mode you choose, Pearson VUE, an authorised partner or members of your staff can manage the entire process.

Specific modes of delivery allow candidates to pre-schedule an exam or schedule at the time they test, while others deliver on demand without a scheduling system. In the same way, proctoring can be provided on site by an authorised proctor or by your own Pearson VUE-trained Certified Test Administrator.

Thousands of candidates test every year in client-managed sites with minimal Pearson VUE involvement, while some clients elect to manage short-term events with help from our onsite operations experts.

Remote and proctored

The problem of securely delivering exams in a remote location — without benefit of an onsite proctor — is solved.

To take an exam from a remote location under the real-time scrutiny of a professional proctor, candidates need ...

     a suitable device
     an Internet connection
     a webcam

Whether the test taker and proctor are miles or even thousands of miles apart, live audio and video streaming afford many of the same controls as an in-person proctor.

The Pearson VUE proctor monitors your candidates in a live testing session through remote surveillance, unlike some remote proctoring options that merely record testing to audit or play back in the event of a suspicious test result. The ability to monitor test taker behavior as he or she takes your exam translates to confidence for you.

Pearson VUE Online Proctored

Unproctored assessments

Even when the stakes aren’t as high, reliable delivery of your exam is important. Unscheduled and immediate, your unproctored assessments delivered with Internet-based testing through Pearson VUE’s Integrated Platform benefit from the same single registration and reporting system as your high-stakes, proctored exams. All of the data for a single candidate are in one record regardless of how each exam was taken.

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